Getting my shit together

Unfortunately, we love doing unproductive things. We find browsing Facebook feeds much more interesting than reading something that would stress our grey cells. We become sluggish and dull on weekends; it becomes a great challenge in itself to learn something new. We aggressively bitch about people and waste our time, however discussing something out of the box takes away all the enthusiasm. We enjoy being lazy, monotonous and all the lethargic words that add up.

I’ve never seen successful people saying, it was easy. They all say, “It was the toughest, but the will to do it was much more tougher.” They don’t give a shit about others. It doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing or how they are doing it. It’s not my business to peek around and check on everyone else in the vicinity, if they are following the norms. We get frustrated when we see people succeed and we try to find out all the negative things of that person and satisfy ourselves saying they still lack something.

Follow these points, effective immediately!

Some things unknowingly ruin your life, while you’re enjoying your beer on a cosy night. Take control of your life and take responsibility of each and every second of your life.

Stop talking about people!

This is the most unproductive thing, that we all tend to do knowingly or unknowingly. When we feel low on energy, or don’t feel like doing anything, we start bitching about people. Finding other’s faults gives people the satisfaction of the world. Control yourself. Stop doing it then and there. If someone starts talking about someone, tell him/her boldly that you are not interested.

Talking about people will impact your thinking in a very bad way. You won’t ever go beyond people and you’ll never be able to appreciate anyone for their right doings, instead you’ll try to find out their faults.

Also, if you’ve been doing this for quite a long time, it would be difficult to stop now. But what would make more sense is, you accept that you’ve been doing this bullshit and now is the time that you stop. Most of us don’t even realise that we’re doing something wrong and that my friend, is seriously bad and sooner or later you’ll face the wrath.

Stop Saying, Start Doing!

You might have heard this diamond studded statement a gazillion times. People say, don’t just tell me how awesome you are, why not prove it! I understand, it becomes difficult and depressing to show it on the D-day. We say something enthusiastically and later all the motivation drowns down the target. It is very important to control your feelings and don’t spit out everything that you’re planing to do to everyone else. Until you become a man of your words, don’t roam around shouting your goals.

When you decide to do something, make a firm decision. Keep it with yourself, start from ground zero, take a step, see some progress, take another step and by now you’re comfortable and motivated enough to reach the peak. People will know of your secret mission from your progress and not your words. You don’t have to hear this depressing statement anymore.

Go that extra mile

Most of us remain stagnant and get comfortable with what we are. There are some ambitious folks, who are not satisfied with where they are, they want to cross the boundary of being average. There are some, who are very much satisfied with what they are doing and some others who have already given up on working an ounce more. This is for the ambitious folks out there, because going an extra mile requires sincere dedication and perseverance, that only comes if you really want to do it.

Never let your mind tell you that it is exhausted. Train your mind to work incessantly till you’re done. These all things sound like hypothetical statements, that may not be true in real life. Don’t just take it, try it out for few days and you’ll know the results. In the initial days, you would want to give up, don’t fall in the trap of your sensitive mind luring you to do something unproductive. Stay firm and complete it. You’ll form a habit and then come back here, and say thanks!

Stay calm and composed!

I’ve seen many people, converting simple sweet statements to hyperbole. They tend to exaggerate the scenario and present it in a way, that it’s the next big thing the world will ever witness. Of what seems to be an easy work around, they mend it in a way that this is the most complicated thing ever. Don’t lose your composure, even if it’s the next big thing, don’t exaggerate it and come straight to the point.

If you don’t manipulate facts and don’t act diplomatic, people will trust you more and you’ll be counted as someone to rely on. There is absolutely no need to add spices to the existing facts, present it the way it is, you’ll gain a lot better results. If you exaggerate to impress someone, you may succeed once but then people will know, you are a dolt. All the complex things in the world can be achieved by simply breaking them down to pieces and not by freaking out seeing the whole mess.


We can only improve ourselves, when we understand that we are doing it wrong. Acceptance is the key parameter to get your shit together and live a blissful life. Accept that you’ve been manipulating your conscience and start taking responsibilities of your actions. Focus on your goal and nothing else. Hit the target straight in the bull’s eye.

You’ll know, life is so much better when you follow these little things.