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Meet the co-founders of The Ascent, Steve Campbell & Melissa Berdine.

Meet the co-founders of The Ascent, Steve Campbell & Melissa Berdine.

This is our journey

The Ascent started as a side hustle; a personal blog that has since cultivated a community of documenters: journeymen and women looking to redefine success through storytelling.

Today, The Ascent has featured thousands of articles from hundreds of talented authors—many of whom have begun documenting their own journeys in various ways—and we’re constantly exploring new avenues of telling, sharing, and highlighting their stories.

With 10 years combined experience in the social and digital advertising space, The Ascent's co-founders, Steve & Melissa, are experts in digital storytelling, personal branding, and capturing the attention of consumers in the year we live in. 

As former members of Gary Vaynerchuk's digital marketing agency, VaynerMedia (and most recently its VaynerTalent division for Steve), each has worked with countless brands, Fortune 500 companies, CEOs, influencers, and celebrities across a wide range of verticals, helping to craft, sell, and execute millions of dollars in campaigns in the social and digital space over their careers.

Leaving their agency jobs in NYC to pursue this endeavor full-time, Steve & Melissa have since grown The Ascent into a community of 33,000 & counting on Medium and are now offering personal brand consulting services to those who would like to learn how to do the same.

Now that all the stars have aligned, we're excited about pursuing this new chapter in our journey.

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