Lowerbacktightness Pain Relief – Looking for a Natural Solution to Your Problem?

Millions of people all over the globe are begging for pain relief in their lower backs. A high proportion of them are suffering from a personally-generated, musculo-skeletal system dysfunction. This is why it’s difficult to get better by asking someone else. They must do it themselves. Many, if not all, will begin to get better once they understand this concept.

Many of these people don’t feel the relief they need by rubbing, crunching or heating the area where it hurts.

It’s because they keep coming back for more treatment.

They know that the only thing that can relieve pain is an anti-inflammatory medication, but that it doesn’t restore poor function. They also know that the condition is worsening under the current pharmaceutical regimen.

Because their focus is inwardly on the area where it hurts, most therapists don’t see the root cause.

The X-rays reveal that the bones in the lowerbacktightness are not aligned. They will need to be moved back in alignment.

If the cause of the bone movement is not identified and treated, the body will, in its wisdom, pull the bones out of alignment just in time for your next visit.

What is the probable cause of this problem?

A pelvis out of alignment is a common problem for a large number of people. To maintain some balance, the pelvis and surrounding bones will automatically move out of alignment. It works a little like a house. The walls crack when the foundation is moved and the bricks over it are also moved.

Lower back pain relief can be achieved by getting the foundation, in this instance the pelvis, squared up. There’s a good possibility that the bones above the pelvis will align better when this happens. The pain is gone.

Now, let’s ask the next question: “What causes my pelvis to move out-of-line?” The short answer is that the pelvis moves out of alignment due to tight muscles, most commonly the hamstring, buttock, and muscles in your groin.

Next, we need to ask: “What causes these muscles to tighten?”

That is the short answer. You can’t sit still for long periods of time without having a consistent and systematic flexibility training program.

Although sitting down seems easy, subtly, the muscles of your legs become smaller. The muscles on one side of your body will usually be shorter than the muscles on the opposite side. This, combined with weakening muscles all over the body, makes it almost certain that the pelvis will be out of alignment.

How can you tell which muscles are tight?

If your back is curved in an ‘S’ shape, and you have trouble sitting straight up, then your hamstrings may be too tight.

Your buttock muscles may be tight if you cannot sit straight up with your legs crossed, and your hands behind your back.

If your knees are wide apart and your legs are in the frog position, with your feet together and your soles of your feet together, and your stomach and toes don’t rest comfortably on the ground, it’s likely that your muscles in your groin are tight.

Anyone can do this task.

Tight muscles do not result from a lack or rubbing, crunching and heating, vibrating, paracetamol, or heating. Therefore, using these therapeutic modalities to relieve lower back pain is not the best treatment.

What is the best way for lower back pain relief and prevention? It is simple to begin doing exercises that loosen the muscles around your pelvis and strengthen the weaker muscles throughout your body.

You can do a variety of flexibility exercises at home while you are watching TV. These muscles will gradually begin to loosen over the course of a few hours each night. Would you be willing to work 100 hours each night to loosen these muscles if it took 60,000 hours to get them to relax?

It isn’t easy to get your body in better alignment. But it’s not impossible to do.

However, you might feel some relief in a few days. You’ll feel better in a few weeks. You’ll notice a difference in a few months. You will be able to sit straighter. You’ll be able to sit straighter if you have a ‘S’-shaped curve in your lower spine. This will increase the chances of getting lower back pain relief.

You can strengthen your body with four exercises at home: situps/pressups/squats, back arches, and squats. They should take no more than four minutes each day. You can improve your skills by finding the time. You’ll feel better if you can do 20 pressups, situps, and squats with a minute of Superman back arches.

You can do many strength exercises in the gym. It is a well-known fact that stronger people have lower back pain risk.

Obesity is another enemy to the lower back. The chances of experiencing lower back pain will increase exponentially if you are more than 20Kg overweight than your ideal weight.

Keep your mind open and active. The more you spend time loosening tight muscles or strengthening weak muscles, the quicker you will feel lower back pain relief. Ask your therapist what they can do for you. Instead, ask yourself what you can do.


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