Microsoft Office VS. office for linux; Discussed

Many people acknowledge that billions of dollars have been donated by the Gates Foundation to great causes. Bill and Melinda Gates have donated more to humanity than any other couple. They have done even more recently with Warren Buffet, their friend. People still like to criticize Microsoft Windows, and Microsoft Software.

The world would be better off with Linux, or if office for linux Office Suit was equally priced and sold at the same price. It is difficult to believe that I still have issues with Java, Adobe, and others. Standardization is important. The PEOPLE, or as they are known, made their decision to purchase Microsoft products.

If they wish, they can still vote for Linux Office Suit. It is quite good. I like Microsoft, and I don’t understand why the FTC gave me a free web browser along with my operating system. Open Source Code is a debate that I can understand and some might argue it is better. However, I prefer not to have open source as hackers misuse it for evil and they too are human.

Microsoft’s problems are mainly due to governments intervening to place mandatory holes that hackers can use to attack computer systems. We must also discuss standardization and its value in this debate, especially when we consider that Microsoft and its Monopoly are an earned monopoly because consumers voted with their dollars.

How are we going to close down Starbucks Coffee? There is one right across the street from Washington DC’s FTC. They are protected against harm and lawsuits. VHS was the standard, even though Beta Max video was a better technology. Standardization is important in communication. However, free markets are necessary to maintain efficiency and advance. This is what you should be thinking about in 2007.

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