Natural Beauty Skin Care Products to Try

Companies are increasingly using natural beauty ingredients in soaps, bath and body products to increase their market share. This is because customers are looking for safer and healthier products. However, the market is still growing. Although it may appear that more companies are using natural and/or organic products, we can easily see that many of the ingredients in many products don’t mean what they claim. Here are some organic or natural companies that make products using natural and organic ingredients.

1. Aubrey Organics: Aubrey Organics focuses on all-natural beauty products that provide the best treatment for personal care and the beauty industry. Aubrey Organics claims that all of their products are handmade and never mass-produced.

2. Juice Beauty: Juice Beauty, an Organic Company, has the mission to produce high-quality organic products for the natural beauty market. They are also open about their support for solar manufacturing and recycling. Although this is a bold statement, they have the facts to back it up. Juice Beauty products are 98% organic and made with specific skin types and zones in mind.

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