Social Services: Art and Science

Social services are a field that helps people in need or those with less resources. Social workers require a wide range of skills and dedication. This job requires long hours and the ability to handle situations with high client demand. You must be able to adapt to changing circumstances and meet deadlines when required.

A degree in social work is required to become a social worker. Social worker practitioners must have a license as well as professional registration. Social workers typically have a Bachelor of Social Work degree. They can also pursue a Master’s, or PhD in social work. Social work draws on theories from many other fields, such as sociology, medicine and politics. There are many types of associations, including International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW), and International Association of Schools of Social Work.

Counselling and teaching are two of the most important tasks a social worker must perform. A social worker will also need to perform other tasks such as social welfare policy analysis, human services management, and social and community development. It is necessary to maintain client logs, reports, and inter-agency meetings. This paperwork is essential to manage client progress every day. They act as counselors and liaisons in difficult situations where unexpected life events have occurred.

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